EU is crossing structural crisis, which is undermining its principles. In the last years with the worsening of the economic sitution and the arrival of millions of asylum seekers, immigrations has become the first fear of citizens and the Eurobarometer shows that citizens think that things are going in the wrong direction. In this context, characterized by a serious lack of solidarity between member states, this project stems from the desire of the partners to work together in order to restore confidence and strengthen solidarity between member states. All the partners involved are facing in their territory the refugee’s crisis and the increasing of the Eurosceptic movements who ascribe to the immigrants the negative effects on safety (terrorism) and welfare (economic crisis).


Starting from the assumption that all the partners are directly touched by these phenomenon this network intend to:


  • Reflect on the understanding of Euroscepticism, explaining the benefits of the integration and the cost of no Europe;
  • Debate on the different local systems of migration management with the involvement of nationals from third countries (deconstructing the process of stigmatization);
  • Debate EU polices and identify new approaches for the immigration integration according EU values an history;
  • Promote the EU funding principle of Solidarity between member states and overcome national egoisms;
  • Promote, through the involvement of the European Solidarity Corps (youth people), the commitment of citizens;
  • Debate on the future of the EUThe activities are developed according an inclusive approach able to stimulate the full involvement of citizens and support the Municipalities and CSO in achieving the objectives.


During the project implementation will be organized 4 main events and different “Open Debate on EU” in each involved Municipality.