4th Event - "The European Elections 2019" , Thessaloniki, 24th-26th January 2019

The 4th event has been held in Thessaloniky (Greece) from 24-26 January 2019 and was focused on the European Elections 2019.


The event represented an opportunity to debate about the next elections. In fact the 2019 will be a crucial year for the European Union. One five-year institutional cycle (2014-2019) comes to an end and another begins, with the European Parliament elections and a change of leadership in the European Commission, EP and European Council.


The event gave the opportunity to explore the situation in the different countries involved in the project and has seen the participation of different participant to the European Voluntary Service. The event has been opened by Aris Paraschou, President of United Society of Balkans who talked about the next EU elections and the young generations, highlighting the phenomena of disintermediation and the need to have meeting places for Greek young people. The event continued with Mr Emanuel Garavello who analysed the possible scenarios after the European elections and stimulated a very interesting debate among participants.


In the afternoon has been organized a round table on the possible connections between the refugees/migrant crisis and the next European elections.


The round table has been coordinated by Ermioni Triantafullou who analysed also the case of Greece and how the migration crises influenced the national elections.