2nd Event - "The Role of the Social Media in the European Crisis", Wiernsheim, 11th-13th June 2018

The 2nd event of the project “ A Better Europe” has been held in Wiernsheim, Germany, from 11th to 13th June 2018.  


After the 1st event, focused on the European solidarity, the 2nd one has had as subject the role of the social media in the European crisis, and has seen the participation of delegations coming from the different involved countries.  The event was split in two different sessions; the 1st session in the morning, has seen the participation of the young students from the school of Wiernsheim who illustrated their vision of the social media and how them influence their perceptions of Europe, politics and society. The young students had the opportunity to debate with the different delegations about the use and role of Social Medias in the different European countries.


The session of the afternoon, open to the citizens of Wiernsheim, has been developed around the political communication on the EU, and how has been changed by the social medias. The partners had the opportunity to debate and present their vision; has been organized a specific round table on the Social Media and EU who stimulated, also thanks to the intervention of Mrs Paola di Lazzaro, an expert in the political communication, a strong confrontation between the participants. The active participation of the Association “Why Europe” has excited a lot of interest; "Why Europe", through two young representatives, showed their political of communication toward the young Europeans and in favor of the EU integration. 


The event closed with a discussion about the 3rd event, which will be held in September in Tartu, Estonia.


Photo by Paolo Barone