2nd Event - " The Role of the Social Media in the European Crisis", Wiernsheim, 11th-13th June 2018

The event will be focused on the role of Internet and in particular of the Social Medias in influencing the perceptions of citizens, in particular regarding the European Union in this time of crisis.


The advent of Social media and of the social networks has profoundly changed the political communication, especially during the election campaigns; at the same time there has been a gradual decrease in trust in traditional media, politics, experts and polls.


Almost 50% of the adult population in every European country now has a profile on Facebook, the most successful social network, and about half of them use it at least occasionally as a source of political news. Millions of Europeans follow politicians, journalists and political comedians on Twitter and Instagram or watch their videos on YouTube, whereby the use of social media as a source of (political) news is still more prevalent among young people.


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1st Event - "The European Solidarity: New Challanges", Cagliari - Capoterra, 11th-13th March 2018

The first event took place in Cagliari and in Capoterra, with the aim of analyzing and discussing the current crisis that the Union is going through, from the problem of migrants to the exponential growth of populist, xenophobic and eurosceptics in different European countries.

In the morning, the delegation of project partners, led by the Mayor of Wiernshem Karl Heinz Oehler, was a guest of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari in the "Royal Palace". Present were the delegate of the Metropolitan Mayor of the European Politics Francesco Lilliu, Gianmario Demuro, professor of Constitutional Law of the Department of Law of the University of Cagliari and a delegation of students of the fifth class of the Liceo Scientifico Pacinotti of Cagliari, accompanied from the teacher prof. Francesco Matzeu.

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